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Theoretical Quantum Optics Research Group

We use quantum optical approaches to study potential applications of unique quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement (e.g. a future "quantum internet"), to probe whether these phenomena are universal, and to investigate whether they could play a role in biology (e.g. in neuroscience). Our theoretical research is often done in close collaboration with leading experimental groups.

Team Members

Dr. Christoph Simon

Postdoctoral Research Associate:

Ph.D. Students:

Stephen Wein
Sourabh Kumar
Parisa Zarkeshian
Sumit Goswami
Faezeh Kimiaee
Jiawei Ji
M.Sc. Students:
Yufeng Wu
Visiting students:
Undergraduate Students:
Ruchir Tullu
Kenneth Sharman
Visiting scholars:
Former Members:
Jianlong Liu (University of Science and Technology of China)
Gisu Ham (Data Scientist, Ingu Solutions)
Nikolai Lauk (Postdoc, Caltech)
Farid Ghobadi (Researcher, 1Qbit)
Abhi Saxena (IIT Delhi)
Yu Guo (Shanxi Datong University)
Hon-Wai Lau (MPIPKS, Dresden)
Mohammad Khazali (Postdoc, IPM, Tehran)
Abhirup Goswami(PhD student, Queensland University of Technology)
Sandeep Goyal (Assistant Professor, IISER, Mohali)
Christopher O'Brien (Researcher, NAVAIR)
Louise Budzynski (MSc student, ENS Paris)
Khabat Heshami (Research Officer, NRC Ottawa)
James Clark (EdD student, Calgary)
Yang Han (Researcher, Beijing)
Sadegh Raeisi (Assistant Professor, Sharif University of Technology)
Arnaud Rispe (Engineer, Paris)
Jian Ming Wen (Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University)
Adam Green (PhD student, Boulder)
Hamidreza Kaviani (PhD student, Calgary)
Leslie Bicknell (MSc student, Vienna)
Bing He (Assistant Professor, Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile)
Qing Lin (Professor, National Huaqiao University)
Babita Yadav (PhD student, Wisconsin)
Tian Wang (PhD student, CalTech)
Adam Humeniuk(MSc student, Waterloo)
Kristine Boone (PhD student, Waterloo)

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Last updated Oct 6, 2019