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Welcome to the

Institute for Quantum Science and Technology

at the University of Calgary

The Institute for Quantum Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary group of researchers from the areas of Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. The goals of Calgary's Institute for Quantum Science and Technology are to conduct leading research in key theoretical and experimental topics of quantum science and technology, to provide excellent education and training in quantum science and technology and cognate areas, and to foster linkage between the Institute and other quantum science and technology institutes and with industrial partners.


To be a world leader in research and education in pure and applied quantum science and technology.

Mission Statement:

To advance quantum science and technology through interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach.

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Apply for postdoc with B. C. Sanders on multiresolution wavelet representation of quantum fields for quantum simulation.

$6,134,000 has been granted for ALPHA-g project in antimatter physics, led by Robert Thompson. Read more about the project

Congratulations to Alex Lvovsky for his appointment as a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.

Peter Tieleman received prestigious Killam award.

Congratulations to Simon Trudel. Alexandre Calvin and William Hobbes joined the couple last night(15-June-2015) at 22:16 and 22:23, weighing in at 5lbs6oz and 4lbs 4oz. All are doing well.

In the Media:

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    What itís like collaborating with physicists in China: Barry Sanders
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  • Today Headlines, 08 January 2016
    Pan Team: Barry Sanders
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  • IOPPublishing.org, 09 December 2015
    New Editor-in-Chief for New Journal of Physics announced as Barry Sanders : Barry Sanders
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  • UToday, 27 November 2015
    Visiting MIT professor explores science of teleportation and time travel: Seth Lloyd
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  • Newstalk770, 18 November 2015
    Teleportation, time travel and escape from Black Holes: Seth Lloyd
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  • Upcoming

    IQST Colloquium - Colin Williams [D-Wave Systems]
    Thursday 7th April, 2016 at 3:00-4:00pm in ICT 122

    IQST Seminar - Francesco Buscemi [Nagoya University]
    Co-sponsored by:Pacific Instiutte for the Mathematical Sciences, Wednesday 17th February, 2016 at 3:00-4:00pm in SB 142
    "The quantum Blackwell theorem with some applications"

    IQST Seminar - Andrzej Dragan [University of Warsaw], Monday 28th March, 2016 at 11am - 12pm in SB 144

    Current Visitors

    Home Institution
    Weiwei Zhang 1 Sep 2014 - 29 Feb 2016SB 312 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Xiaohong Li 24 Nov 2015 - 23 Nov 2016  Henan University of Science and Technology
    Mercedes Gimeno Segovia 18 Jan 2016 - 17 Jan 2017SB 537 University of Bristol

    Expected Visitors

    Home Institution
    Francesco Buscemi 13 - 20 Feb 2016TBA Nagoya University
    Gavin Brennen 14 - 22 Feb 2016SB 317 Macquarie University
    Dean Southwood 14 - 22 Feb 2016SB 317 Macquarie University
    Dongxiao Quan 14 Mar 2016 - 13 Mar 2017SB 306 Xidian University
    Andrzej Dragan 20 - 28 Mar 2016SB 317 University of Warsaw
    Colin Williams 7 Apr 2016SB 317 D-Wave

    All Visitors

    Contact Information:

    Institute for Quantum Science and Technology
    University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive NW
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4

    Phone: (403) 220-4403
    Fax: (403) 210-8876
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