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Public Lectures

The University of Calgary's Institute for Quantum Information Science holds an annual public lecture on the topic of quantum information sciences and technologies.

The lecturer is a renowned scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of these fields, and the lecture is pitched at a general level to make the topic accessible to the public.




"The Limits of Information and Black Holes"

by Professor Jacob Bekenstein 

Professor Bekenstein was John Wheeler's doctoral student at Princeton University and is now Polak Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Hebrew University. He is a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and a recipient of the Israel Prize. He discovered the theory of black hole thermodynamics, which resulted in the famous Bekenstein-Hawking theory of black-hole radiation.

The lecture will be at the University of Calgary in ICT102 at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 2 June 2010.
Refreshments will be provided after the lecture.

Professor Bekenstein will tell us the absolute limit to information storage in any region of space and time by thinking of our world as a boundary for a larger-dimensional universe.

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