QNIX: A linear optical architecture for quantum computing - Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia

There is currently a great deal of effort to develop a large-scale quantum computer, and one of the most promising platforms to do so is integrated linear optics. In this talk, I will present a dynamical scheme for an integrated optics implementation of a one-way quantum computer. I will go beyond the purely theoretical work and address practical issues in order to create a physically realistic design. I will describe every step of the dynamical process, showing the outstanding issues left to be addressed and our contributions to the different stages of the dynamical process. From our contributions, I will present optimised interferometers for the generation of photonic GHZ states, a universal and scalable LOQC architecture which requires entangled sources of no more than 3 photons with no active feed-forward, and loss-tolerant and fault-tolerant strategies specifically tailored to our proposed architecture. Our work demonstrates that building a linear optical quantum computer need be less challenging than previously thought, and brings large-scale switch-free linear optical architectures for quantum computing much closer to experimental realisation.