Monolithic Semiconductor Circuits for Frequency Conversion & Quantum Photonics - Amr Helmy

A novel technique used to achieve efficient frequency conversion monolithically in semiconductor is reviewed. It uses Bragg reflection waveguides to obtain monolithic intra-laser cavity parametric processes utilizing (2). These chip-based sources can provide continuous coverage of spectral regions, which are not accessible by other technologies including quantum cascade lasers. Examples of niche applications served by this unique platform include, sources for environmental and biomedical sensing elements in the 1-4 μm window and chip-based THz spectroscopy sources. In addition the opportunities that this platform offers applications to the field of quantum optics will also be discussed. For example recent photon pair generation experimenters will be presented. Furthermore design methodology that enables the generation of polarization entangled photon pairs as well as hyper entailed photons on chip with no need of external components will be elucidated.