Authentication of Quantum Messages (iCIS seminar) - Juerg Wullschleger

Quantum authentication allows a sender to send a quantum message (which may be unknown to him) \r\nto a receiver, in such a way that the receiver is able to check whether the message has been \r\nmodified during the transmission, either by noise or by an adversary.\r\n\r\nWe will present the solution to this problem by Barnum, Crepeau, Gottesman, Smith, and Tapp \r\nfrom 2002. We will first introduced some basics about quantum computation, including quantum \r\nteleportation and quantum error-correcting code, and then present a simple quantum authentication \r\nprotocol based on classical authentication and these basics primitives. Finally, in contrast \r\nto classical authentication, we show that any quantum authentication must also encrypt the message, \r\nand therefore the presented scheme is basically optimal.