Quantum engagement and applications - Natural Resources Canada - Asif Iqbal

To respond to the growth of quantum technologies through national strategies and initiatives, the Government of Canada announced the development of a National Quantum Strategy in Budget 2021 to amplify Canada's significant strength in quantum research, guide the development of the country's quantum ecosystem and position Canada as a global leader in quantum technology space. Natural Resources Canada, along with other government agencies, are working with private companies, and academic institutes to pursue use cases on how to apply quantum technologies to real world issues. This presentation will provide a broader context for why the natural resource sectors are potential end-users of quantum technologies such as quantum sensors, quantum materials, quantum computation and communication. We will also briefly demonstrate some examples of how quantum technologies can be deployed in the natural resource sectors and support developments in clean technology and energy, sensing and imaging instruments. Discussions after the presentation will help us explore the potential for collaborating with the University of Calgary on quantum technologies to support Canada’s climate actions, net zero targets and energy transitions.