Scalable quantum nanophotonic technologies based on rare-earth-doped crystals - qubits, memories and interconnects - Tian Zhong

Rare-earth-ions in solids exhibit unusual coherence properties including <100 Hz optical homogeneous linewidths and hours-long spin coherence times. These spectroscopic features make rare-earths the leading candidate for macroscopic solid-state quantum memories for light, with a potential for long-term spin storage. Leveraging the state-of-the-art nanophotonic technologies, we develop an integrated platform based on rare-earth quantum emitters coupled to nanocavities. Such a platform offers a unified chip-scale architecture for realizing key quantum network components such as spin qubits, photonic quantum memories and broadband optical-microwave quantum transducers, therefore opening a viable path for developing integrated quantum repeater nodes and scalable quantum networks.\r\n