Spacetime replication of continuous variable quantum Information - Grant Salton

Two basic tenets of physics that any physical theory seems to have are that (1) no information can travel faster than light and (2) quantum information cannot be cloned. Indeed, one consequence of unitarity is that quantum information cannot be replicated anywhere on a spacelike slice, yet it must replicated in a timelike direction. A set of necessary and sufficient conditions for quantum information to be replicated in spacetime was given by Hayden and May in 2012. In this talk, I'll first explain what is meant by "spacetime information replication", and then describe how one can replicate information in seemingly impossible scenarios using novel continuous variable quantum error correcting codes. I'll then present an explicit code using five bosonic modes to demonstrate the flow of information through four causal diamonds, and conclude with an experimentally feasible, optical experiment to realize this five mode error correcting code.