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Quantum Computing Research Group

The Quantum Computing Research Group within the Department of Computer Science conducts research in computational aspects of quantum mechanical systems. We study systems based on quantum mechanical principles. Our research areas include quantum algorithmics, quantum complexity theory, quantum communication complexity, quantum information theory, and quantum computer simulations of quantum mechanical systems.

Our work is collaborative. Together with researchers at other groups and institutions, we explore the possibilities and limitations of quantum computing. We organized and hosted the Third and Sixth Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information Processing.

Our group is hiring. You can apply for admission into the Department of Computer Science following this application procedure.

Team Members

Dr. Peter Høyer

Mark Adcock
Catalin Dohotaru
Stephen Huang
Edouard Pelchat
Mark Przepiora
Jibran Rashid

Former Team Members


Richard Cleve
John Watrous

Postdoctoral Fellows

Donny Cheung
Hartmut Klauck
Mehdi Mhalla
Hein Röhrig


Jop Brïet
Michael Garrett
Dmitry Gavinsky
Heath Gerhardt
Gus Gutoski
Kris Luttmer
Sean McIntyre
Julia Pulwicki
Bill Rosgen
Maxwell Sayles
Nathan Wiebe
Hongchao Zhang

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Last updated May 11, 2018