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Group photo

April 2013 group photo. Left to right:

Alex Lvovsky, group leader [403-220-4124; lvov(at)]

Adarsh Prasad, MS student [403-210-8971; asp(at)]

Connor Kupchak, PhD student [403-210-8910; ckupchak(at)]

Daniel Hogg, summer undergraduate student [403-210-8924; daniel.hogg(at)]

Tayebe Naseri, visiting PhD student from Sharif University of Technology [403-210-8924; tayebe.naseri(at)]

Aveek Chandra, MS student [403-210-8931; aveek.chandra(at)]

Di Chang, PhD student [403-220-8147; di1026(at)]

Travis Brannan, MS student [403-210-8916; jtbrannan(at)]

Arturo Lezama, Visiting Professor from Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay [403-220-8034; alezama(at)]

Zhongzhong Qin, visiting PhD student from East China Normal University [403-210-8924; zzqin1988(at)]

Our offices and labs are located in the Science B building. Alex’s office is SB 319; graduate student office is SB 318; our labs are in SB 003.

Our fax number is 403-210-8876


Former group members

Yury Kurochkin, visiting postdoc from the Russian Quantum Center [December 2012 – February 2013]

Andrew MacRae, PhD student [September 2006 – November 2012], now a postdoc at University of California, Berkeley

Ranjeet Kumar, MS student [September 2010 – August 2012], now a PhD student at University of California, San Diego

Alexey Fedorov, visiting undergraduate student from Bauman Moscow State Technical University [July 2012 – August 2012]

Ryan Thomas, MS student [September 2010 – August 2012], now analyst with an oil and gas company, Calgary

Pantita Palittapongarnpim, MS student [September 2009 – August 2012], now a PhD student with Barry Sanders at the University of Calgary

Erick Barrios, MS student [September 2009 – February 2012]

Andal Narayanan, Visiting professor from Raman Research Institute [July 2010 – June 2011]

Matthew Mitchell, undergraduate student [May 2010 – December 2010], now a graduate student with Paul Barclay at the University of Calgary

Saleh Rahimi Keshari, MS student (co-supervised with Prof. Barry Sanders) [September 2008 – November 2010], now a PhD student at the University of Queensland

Jose Hipolito Garcia Gracia, visiting PhD student from Tecnologico de Monterrey [March 2010 – February 2011]

Aimee Heinrichs, , undergraduate student [September 2010 – April 2011], now a graduate student at the University of Waterloo

Igor Tikhonov, visiting PhD student from Moscow State University [November 2010 – March 2011]

Simon Verret, undergraduate student from Université Laval [Summer 2010]

Nitin Jain, MS student [September 2007 – October 2009], now a PhD student at Universität Erlangen

Michael Förtsch, visiting PhD student from Universität Erlangen [April 2010 – July 2010]

Pierre Jobez, visiting student from École Normale Supérieure [March 2010 – July 2010]

Attie Hendriks, visiting PhD student from CSIR National Laser Centre (South Africa) [September 2009 – December 2009]

Brittany Welsh, undergraduate student [Summer 2009]

Erwan Bimbard, visiting student from École Normale Supérieure [February 2009 – August 2009], now a PhD student at Institut d'Optique

Lucia Duca, visiting MS student from University of Bologna [January 2009 – August 2009], now a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics

Dr. Mirko Lobino, postdoctoral fellow [August 2007 – July 2009], now lecturer at Griffiths University

Geoff Campbell, undergraduate and MS student [May 2006 – April 2009 and January 2010 – April 2010], now a PhD student at the Australian National University

Anna Ordog, undergraduate student [May 2008 – April 2009], now a graduate student at the University of Calgary

Simon Huisman, visiting student from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) [September 2008 – February 2009]

Katanya Kuntz, undergraduate student [January 2007 – August 2008], now a PhD student at the University of New South Wales

Chris Healey, undergraduate student [May 2006 –], now a PhD student with Paul Barclay at the University of Calgary

Travis Brannan, undergraduate student [summer 2008], now a graduate student at out group

Boris Braverman, undergraduate student from University of Toronto [Summer 2008], now a PhD student at MIT

Dr. Sun-Hyun Youn, visiting professor from Chonnam National University, Korea [December 2006 – August 2008]

Dr. Dmitry Korystov, postdoctoral fellow [January 2007 – July 2008], now postdoc at the University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr. An-Ning Zhang, postdoctoral fellow [September 2006 – December 2007], now professor at East China Normal University

Dr. Javaid Anvar, visiting professor from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan [September 2007 – December 2007]

Eden Figueroa, PhD student [October 2003 – September 2008], now Professor at State University of New York, Stony Brook

Dallas Hoffman, undergraduate student [summer 2006 – summer 2007]

Dr. Jürgen Appel [April 2003 – June 2007], PhD student, now researcher at the Niels Bohr Institute

Chris Freier, visiting student from TU Berlin [January 2007 – June 2007]

Georg Günter, visiting student from Universität Konstanz [September 2005 – August 2006, gguenter(at)], now at Universität Heidelberg

Dr. Sergey Babichev, doctoral student [February 2002 – August 2006], now with PowerWind GmbH, Hamburg

Dr. Frank Vewinger, postdoc [June 2005 – May 200], now lecturer at Universität Bonn

Jean-Francois Caron, undergraduate student [Summer 2005]

Philipp Schneeweiß, visiting student from Universität Dresden [September 2004 – May 2005], now at Technische Universität Wien

Shahpoor Saeidian , visiting PhD student [Summer 2004], now at Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran

John Armstrong, undergraduate student [Summer 2004]

Christoph Vo, undergraduate student [Fall 2003 – Summer 2004], now a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for quantum Optics

Dr. Björn Brezger, postdoctoral fellow [November 2002 – February 2004], now at Helvetic PV GmbH

Ben Jones, summer student [May 2003-September 2003]

Jonas Ries diploma (MS) student, [June 2002-August 2003], now group leader at European Molecular Biology Laboratory

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