QCMC 2008
University of Calgary, 19-24 August 2008

Important dates

Special Events

An opening reception will take place on Tuesday, 19 August, in the evening.

A soccer game will take place at the University fields in the evening of the 20th of August after the poster session (if the number of participants is enough). We will set-up a match North America vs. Rest of the World. Both professors and graduate students are invited to attend.

A reception Quantum information in Canada will be held on Thursday, 21 August. The reception will feature a set of presentations by leading funding agencies and quantum information research institutions.

An outing to the Heritage Park Historical Village is planned for the afternoon of Friday, 22 August. The tentative schedule is as follows:

13:00 Buses depart from the University campus
13:30 Buffet lunch at the Park. Presentation by Heritage Park folks
14:45 Depart for park tours (train, paddlewheeler, or wagon-ride)
17:00-18:00    Buses leave the park for the university

A lab tour of the Institute for Quantum Information Science quantum optics facilities (Alex Lvovsky and Wolfgang Tittel) will take place on Friday, 22 August, after the outing. The registration desk will maintain a signup list.

The conference banquet is on Saturday, 23 August.

Last edited 18 June 2008