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TITLE: Dr. Barry Sanders, iCORE Chair in Quantum Information Science and Director, Institute for Quantum Information Science, University of Calgary

SUBJECT: #167 The Road to Quantum Computing


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Dr. Barry Sanders


#167 June 21, 2005

Interview starts at 1:04

Intro: If you’re an internet junkie, your life dependent on the latest bid on e-bay or your next purchase from,… what would you do if all that came to an abrupt end? We like to believe the encryption systems are secure so that personal information and credit card numbers sent over the internet don’t end up in the wrong hands. But with the advance of technology, it’s only a matter of time before that bubble of illusion bursts. And that will happen when quantum computers hit the scene. Dr. Barry Sanders is one scientist who is making strides in that arena. Barry holds an iCORE Chair in Quantum Information Science and is director of the Institute for Quantum information Science at the University of Calgary.

Dr. Barry Sanders

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